Unique promotional materials

Our company is the exclusive representative of IPS (Italy) company, which has been operating since 1976 and is a leader in the use of special technology, which has huge potential: microencapsulation of chemicals.

  Most IPS products are represented in advertising, so our customers can create, in order to promote their products and services, unique promotional materials, whose properties vary under the influence of temperature, humidity, pressure, friction, or ultravioletradiation.

The main types of products (via the links you can go to the product catalog):


 •  Aromatic printing AROMAS ® versions of "rub and sniff" or "open and smell"
Send am aroma message to the client, raise his interest not only by advertising image, but a pleasant smell as well - easy to implement solution, using aromatic printing Aromas ®, which allows to feel the smells and flavors through the most popular means of advertising: print production.

 •  Magic Cards
- Stress Test and interactive cards
- Educational games
- Hidden Pictures and inscriptions
- Competitions and lotteries

The Magic Plastic - products, which change color under the influence of temperature.

 •  ultraviolet  indicators are used to determine the presence and levels of ultraviolet radiation, can take many forms and formats in the form of cards, bracelets, sun hours for children and adults, body  tattoos.

 • IPS thermometers do not contain mercuric, can not be broken, and are not toxic, reusable. Thermometers IPS can help you quickly to determine the temperature, are for long-lasting use and do not require any power suppliers.   

All products are 100% manufactured for each customer (graphic design, color, size and type of paper or plastic) and in accordance with European standards. If necessary, our designers will create for you an original design of advertising production.