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Мерчендайзинг, BTL, аутстаффинг, продвижение в интернете, рассылки - Web sites development | Мерчендайзинг, BTL, аутстаффинг, продвижение в интернете, рассылки

Web sites development

A company site - is a tool for business expansion!

For business, you should always look for solutions that contribute to the development of this business! We live in a world of technology related to the Internet, where the site no longer a luxury but a means to increase profits. Every business has a purpose, which clearly spelled out the desired results. Web design - this is one of the tools to achieve the goal.

Due to the overcrowding of the Internet offers a variety of companies building a website, it is important to offer our clients the options that he can get the product that corresponds to his desires and possibilities. Many want to immediately know the price of development. The final price is signed by the parties on the basis of technical specifications. So, what we can offer (price - roughly)?

1. Regular site (design, engine, content management system): 1000 UAH
2. Regular site with content (design, engine, content management system): 1500 UAH, Depends on the content volume.
3. Online Shop: 2000 UAH.
4. Exclusive Solution: from UAH 5000.

Pre send us technical specifications, we will send you a form with additional questions. If you have only a general idea, "what should be my site", please provide us in writing, and after that, as soon as possible, we will contact you to discuss in more details!

For details on each feature:

If you urgently need a simple site, such as (business card site, blog, presentation website), we can offer you the following conditions:

• The cost of 1,000 UAH.
• CMS (content management system)
• Web site design + HTML templates
• Setting the standard functionality
• Standard code optimization for search engines (Google, Yandex)

Create an online store - not an easy undertaking. However, the cost is not high, the following conditions:

· The cost of 2000 UAH;
· CMS (content management system);
· System directory management;
· Web site design + HTML templates;
· Setting the functional;
• Standard internal code optimization for search engines (Google, Yandex).

There is one direction in order site - this exclusive site! That is, through joint efforts, we create the original site.

The cost of this order: from 5000 UAH! + Basic SEO site optimization for search engines (Google, Yandex);

Links to developed sites: