Research of lighters’ market in Ukraine, 2007

Research of lighters’ market in Ukraine, 2007

Qualitatively, we conducted lighters market research that allowed developing introduction of a new brand on the market, which currently occupies a leading position in Ukraine. Below there is a sample analysis of the lighters market.


1. General information
2. Lighters market
3. Market volume
4. Players
5. Consumers
6. Pirated goods
7. Penetration a market
8. Аssortment
9. Merchandising
10. Market tendencies
11. Conclusion
12. About us
13. Contacts



International Company FlameClub is a recognized leader in the manufacture and sale of lighters and related products with a wide range of products and services, a complete cycle, from production to distribution of products under its own brand, registered throughout the world. The company operates in over 30 countries worldwide.