Audit of quality of promoactions in the chain Silpo, 2007-2009

Audit of quality of promoactions in he chain Silpo, 2007-2009

For 2,5 years, on the permanent base, our company has carried out selective audit of promoactions, conducted in the chain Silpo.


The whole territory of Ukraine

Amount of auditors:

One person in every regional centre


1 project’s cycle equals to 2 calendar weeks

Audit’s results in the chain Silpo:

According to the results of audits in the first year the number of inconsistencies in average amounted to 25% of the tested activities.
After introduction of penalties and extended control share of inconsistencies in the implementation of activities was at average 11% of the audited activities

            Chain of the supermarkets “Silpo” is a part of Fozzy Group.

Fozzy Group is one of the largest commercial and industrial groups in Ukraine. Trade of home and household goods - supermarkets "Silpo" wholesale hypermarkets Fozzy, “convenience stores”, "Fora" and "Bumi". In Fozzy Group chain goods under its own brands "Premіya", "Premіya Select», «Povna Chasha," "Povna Chasha», «Protex», «Zelena Krajina” are represented. Trade by non- Food Products: Pharmacies, "Bud Zdorovyi", the pharmaceutical supermarkets "Bіla romashka" personal electronics «ringoo». Major industrial enterprises directions of Fozzy Group - Nijinsky canning plant, poultry "Varto." Catering - "at Lame Paul", "Staromak," "Divan”, «La Bodeguita del Medio»