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Мерчендайзинг, BTL, аутстаффинг, продвижение в интернете, рассылки - What is Outstaffing? | Мерчендайзинг, BTL, аутстаффинг, продвижение в интернете, рассылки

What is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing - this is the exclusion of staff from company personnel and their registration in the company's staff-provider.

The core idea of outstaffing is that the staff is formally employed by service company, but at the same time they perform their duties at the same workplace.

Use outstaffing advantageous in the case of:

  • if the company wants to reduce staff without losing qualified employees;
  • desire to develop business in certain regions without opening branches;
  • restrictions on the number of employees, but business development requires the involvement of experts;
  • desire to reduce the risks related to labor relations;
  • implement a temporary project without opening new vacancies;
  • the need to evaluate new employees without employment or on probation period.

Advantages of Outstaffing

  • Dealing with limited staff.
  • Optimization of relations with staff involved in individual projects.
  • The ability to receive workers at any time.
  • Mobility in hiring staff.
  • The release of your organization on the part of the functions of accounting and tax accounting, and personnel records;
  • Reduction of administrative and financial burden on its own staff.
  • Reduce the financial burden on the company.
  • Guarantee full compliance with all labor and tax laws on our part with respect to the hired by the project staff.

Outstaffing obvious result is to increase the cost reduction and increased efficiency of the company.

The company Bestseller Bounty Ukraine undertakes to:

  • complete registration of the employee in accordance with the law;
  • HR administration;
  • calculation and payment of staff salaries;
  • calculation and payment of the necessary benefits, sick-lists, travel, bonuses, vacation, etc.
  • cost of organizing jobs;
  • tax reporting;
  • life insurance and health care.

The positive experience of the company showed that companies using outstaffing, have a competitive advantage and additional savings.

We will be glad to give you more information about these services and create a commercial proposal specifically for your company.

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