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2005 - based on the leading operator of integrated logistics market - the company "UVK” - was created a project «Bestseller». 

2006 - «Bestseller» is a separate business, which in the part of the Fozzy group. A goal is the creation of "a supermarket of services", which  includes import, distribution, merchandising and promotion of goods in Ukraine. 

2007 - together with the BTL-market leader in Russia, the company «Bounty», established direction «Bestseller Bounty Ukraine», specializing in providing complex marketing services. The result is 350 clients in Ukraine and in the world. 

2009 - Specialists «Bestseller Bounty Ukraine» provides a full range of solutions related to the promotion of goods: merchandising, booking, BTL, mystery shopper, motivational programs, etc. 

2011 - «Bestseller Bounty Ukraine» expands the range of services that includes: creative, POS, outdoor advertising, marketing and social research, events.

Our experience allows us to develop events of any difficulty, and a wide network of offices ensures rapid and effective implementation of national programs on the whole territory of Ukraine. 

In 105 cities in Ukraine we render services. In each of them there is an own network of regional representatives: supervisors, merchandisers and promoters. Our company is represented in all regions of Ukraine and consists of a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in all BTL fields. 

Pre-New Year Action ТМ DOLPHI

Pre-New Year Action ТМ DOLPHI

Project’s goal: Increasing of recognition and loyalty to ТМ DOLPHI

Location:  Kiev

Sales channel: Key retailers: Furshet


  • Promoters at  300 checkouts pack products for customers
  • 2 promoters at each store gives a consultation concerning products and gives presents.  

Period: December 2010

Results: Increasing of sales volume, recognition of ТМ DOLPHI


The company  Dolphy Ukraine is a part of  Corporation “Kupecheskiy Dom”.
The Corporation “Kupecheskiy Dom” has been operating in Ukraine since 1999.

During this time the company has become a large corporation offering a wide range of goods and equipment for health and beauty, for home and clinical use. Today, the corporation “Kupecheskiy Dom” professionally represents many brands, which occupy leading positions in their respective segments of the Ukrainian market.







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Merchandising for

Merchandising for "Ukrkotton"…


Merchandising and outstaffing for Kimberly Clark , 2009…


Merchandising Osram, 2008-2009…

Pre-New Year Action ТМ DOLPHI

Pre-New Year Action ТМ DOLPHI…

Promo-support of national action Glaxo Smith Kline

Promo-support of national action Glaxo Smith Kline…


Implementations of set of national projects for company Kimberly-Clark, 2009 – 2010…

What is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing - this is the exclusion of staff from company personnel and their registration in the company's staff-provider.…

Web sites development

A company site - is a tool for business expansion!…

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Lvivski drizhdzhi - integrated promoution in KA…

Integrated marketing

Antipolitsay - Integrated marketing…


Arcor - market entry…

Quarterly audits of distribution, 2007 - 2010

Quarterly audits of distribution, 2007 - 2010…

Audit of quality of promoactions in the chain Silpo, 2007-2009

Audit of quality of promoactions in he chain Silpo, 2007-2009…

Research of lighters’ market in Ukraine, 2007

Research of lighters’ market in Ukraine, 2007…

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  • Creative


    • DreamHouse

      Creating a brand…

    • CheezzZ!

      Creating a brand…

    • Jerky

      Creating a brand…

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  • Outdoor


    • Huggies

      Huggies Huggies Huggies…

    • Сільпо

      Сільпо Сільпо Сільпо…

    • Antipolitsay

      Antipolitsay - Advertising Campaign…

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  • POS-materials


    • Huggies

      Huggies Huggies Huggies…

    • Сільпо

      Сільпо Сільпо Сільпо…

    • Arcor POS

      Arcor - POP & POS…

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  • Event


    • Huggies

      Huggies Huggies Huggies…

    • Сільпо

      Сільпо Сільпо Сільпо…

    • Bestseller Day

      Bestseller Day - the confrence…

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  • Unique promotional materials

    Unique promotional materials

    Our company is the exclusive representative of IPS (Italy) company, which has been operating since 1976 and is a leader in the use of special technology, which has huge potential: microencapsulation of chemicals.…


  • SMS-program


    With a purpose of increasing efficiency and speed of implementation of incentive programs in the retail trade our company has developed sms-marketing incentive program - activities.…



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